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Monday, 19 March 2012



to amirah :
~let bygones be bygones~
~let's move forward towards future life~
~let's be more realistic~
~forget everything what u have done from the past~
~and try to forget every single thing of it~
~be brave~
~be strong~
~endure it~
~u don't know what u got in the future~
~whether it is with what or what~
~have faith in Allah~
~HE knows the best for you~
~please ! don't ever look back~
~the time will arise with your best destiny~
~just go on with your life~
~and never look back~
~pray for the best~
~and try to be the very best~
~please try to achieve your dream~
~it is all about you !~
~PLEASE ! do ! have FAITH in the PLAN of ALLAH~

~only Allah knows who suits you perfectly~

~la tahzan~

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