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Sunday, 12 June 2011

My First Assignment a.k.a My Biodata

Hi guys!
First of all..welcome to my blog..
Okay...let's move on! yeah! =)
My name is Nur Amirah binti Tarmizi...I was born in 27th December 1993,which means..I am 18 years old this YEAR...I am from Selayang, Selangor...

My mother's name is Puan Radziah binti Kamaruddin..She was born in 1st May mom is 52 years old..then..we go to my father's name...his name is Encik Tarmizi bin Mohd Tahir...born in 11th July 1958..he is 53 years year older than my mom..
MOM AND DAD: I MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!!!!! And I miss home too~

I have 5 siblings including me..I have two younger sister and the youngest is my little brother..and I am the sister of the house..yeah! its ME!! hee~ 
1) Mohd Ariff Bin Tarmizi
2) Muhammad Asyraff Bin Tarmizi
3)Nur Amirah Binti Tarmizi (ME)
4)Nuraliah Aqilah Binti Tarmizi
5)Muhammad Akmal Hakim Bin Tarmizi

My primary school was SK SELAYANG JAYA..and my secondary school was SMK IDEAL HEIGHTS...its sounds like a private school huh? is not! My SPM result was not too good and not too bad..Alhamdulillah...
You don't know how happy and glad I am to be here...being one of UiTM Kuala Pilah's BIG family member...

I love reading (novels especially)..hearing music...watching television..I like to hang around with my friends..what else that you wanna know about me? Boyfriend?? I have boy-friends but no special boyfriend Say NO to COUPLES! Hee~ maybe not for now...let me settle down with my studies first..then I'll think about that..(IF I want to think about it)...heee~

Allright...I think that is all for friends are waiting at the 'Anjung Sri Perpatih'...I got to go now...see u tonight..insyaAllah...=)

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